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Breaking into foreign markets presents special difficulties. Although the same marketing concepts and strategic apply, cultural, political and economic differences make the task of entering an overseas market more risky. Europe is a market with more than 15 different languages. Going to Europe means, to make an early decission where to open the bridge head. It's a choice between an English speaking country like UK, Netherlands due to their international orientation or one of the three German speaking countries. Germany, together with Switzerland and Austria is the largest single-language market in Europe.
consellex offers customized concepts and implementation work for your entrance into the EU market
This means in detail:
  • Method of entry:
    • Export (direct or indirect)
    • Joint venture (licensing or contract manufacturing)
    • Direct investment
  • Decission for the right location
  • Product localisation
  • Positioning of price and discount frame
  • Development of local T's & C's
  • Analysis of target markets
  • Development of the right sales approach, the right combination of both, direct and indirect channels
  • Definition of target prospects, customers and channel partners
  • Design of the appropriate marketing mix
The execution is detailed in Services